Graduate programs

MA in geography

There are three options: Option I requires a thesis whereas Options II and III do not. We usually encourage students to pursue Option I - writing a thesis will improve a graduate's employment or doctoral program opportunities.

MA options

Graduate certificate

We offer a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Science that will enhance your education and increase your level of specialty within geography.

Graduate certificate

PhD in geography

To earn a PhD in Geography you must complete 90 credit hours. For more information, contact Dr. David Wishart, graduate chair.

Graduate Courses

Here is a list of the graduate-level courses that we currently offer and our course list for the upcoming semester.

Graduate Courses

Fall 2019 MA courses

Fall 2019 PHD courses

Current Graduate Students

We would love to take this opportunity to highlight the students that we currently have pursuing an MA or PhD at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Here, you will find students with many different specialties and career aspirations, which may help to inspire your own:

Our Graduate Students