Annual Events

Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness poster

The Graduate Student Organization sponsors Geography Awareness Week each year. The week-long activities are part of a campaign by the National Council for Geographic Education to spread and share the importance of geography.

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“Geography Awareness Week isn’t just for geography majors. It’s a time to learn more about the world, current events and the people within the world community. It combines geography, history, current events, political science and art into one fun week of activities.”

Kristen Sorensen, alumna

“Geography Awareness Week is important because at a time of increasing globalization, we Americans tend to understand less and less about the world, our place in it and how our actions affect others and vice versa. Geography's strength is in being able to take isolated bits of information about people, places and things and put them into a framework for understanding how the world works – and that’s really cool.

“This week is dedicated to exploration of our world – I can't think of anyone who doesn't like to gaze at maps, wonder about exotic places and explore our fascinating planet. I encourage any and all UNL students to come. There's more than enough activity for everyone to find something they like.”

Brian Baskerville, alumnus

Steve Lavin Memorial Seminar

An annual event to honor the memory of geography professor Steve Lavin. Dr. Lavin was a specialist in cartography and set out to research the information maps convey and how to make it better. He spent three decades in the geography department, several of those years as the chair of the department. He died of cancer in 2011.

2016: Michael Peterson: "Geography and cartography in an era of American exceptionalism"

2017: Michael Forsberg: "Flyover Country: A photographer's 20-year journey into the heart of North America"

2018: J. Clark Archer: "Atlas of the 2016 Elections"

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