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Pursuing an MA or PhD in Geography

There are three options: Option I requires a thesis whereas Options II and III do not. We usually encourage students to pursue Option I - writing a thesis will improve a graduate's employment or doctoral program opportunities. In addition, we offer a graduate certficate in Geographic Information Science that will enhance your education and increase your level of specialty within geography. With our graduate programs, there are four areas of study.

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Great Plains Studies

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Historical-Cultural Geography

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Human Geography

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Natural Resources and Environmental Geography

Graduate requirements   GIS Certificate requirements

DYK: UNL was the first post-secondary institution west of the Mississippi River to offer a doctorate in geography?



Here are all the graduate-level courses that we currently offer and courses for the current semester.

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Current Graduate Students

We would love to take this opportunity to highlight the students that we currently have pursuing an MA or PhD in Geography at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Here, you will find students with many different specialties and career aspirations, which may help to inspire your own.

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