Recent Graduate Theses and Dissertations


Ashley K. Larsen (Supervisor: Paul R. Hanson)

Thesis: Timing and Formation of Linear Dunes South of the Niobrara River Valley, North-Central Nebraska Sand Hills


Christian J. Cruz (Supervisor: Paul R. Hanson)

Thesis: Assessing Landslide Susceptibility With GIS Using Qualitative & Quantitative Methods In Knox County, Nebraska

Andrew Husa (Supervisor: David J. Wishart)

Thesis: A Historical Geography of Six and Eight-Man Football in Nebraska

Joseph. J. Lehnert (Supervisor: Arthur I. Zygielbaum)

Thesis: Utilizing a Consumer-Grade Camera System to Quantify Surface Reflectance

Gunnar Malek-Madani (Supervisor: Elizabeth Walter-Shea)

Thesis: Modeling Gross Primary Production of Midwest Maize and Soybean Croplands with Satellite and Gridded Weather Data

Roy Yao (Supervisor: Clark Archer)

Thesis: Spatial Analysis of Ethnic and Racial Segregation in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, 2000 - 2014


Jacob C. Bruihler (Supervisor: Paul R. Hanson)

Thesis: Dating Late Quaternary Alluvial Fills in the Platte River Valley using Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating


Gabrielle C. Tegeder (Supervisors: Paul R. Hanson & Christina Dando)

Dissertation: A Research Framework for the Geographic Study of Exotic Pet Mammals in the USA